We Are Ottawa’s Elite In-Home Personal Training Company

Our Philosophy

“Helping people to overcome that one thing that they never thought possible is truly one of the most amazing parts of personal training.” It was this statement that CEO and Founder Alex Huard began Edgewater Fitness Co. His goal was to bring the luxury of an expert level personal training experience to the comfort of your home.

We understand. 

Life is complicated and busy and you can’t always find the time to get to the gym. We have the answer; Edgewater Fitness Co. comes to you. Our expert trainers will come to your home on your schedule (no home gym required!).  We will work with you to create a customized program that will have you seeing the results you have always been wanting. Whether you are looking for toning, weight loss, active rehabilitation, sport specific conditioning or just to get fit.  Edgewater Fitness Co. can help you get results.

We thank you. 

The entire Edgewater Fitness Co. team cares deeply about the success and wellbeing of their clients. Our trainers are proven experts in their field and that shows right from the moment you meet them. Edgewater Fitness Co. thanks you for letting us into your home and helping you on your successful road to a healthier and fit life.

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