How is my trainer selected?

All new Edgewater Fitness Co. clients will have an initial meeting with the CEO Alex Huard. In this meeting, Alex will talk to you about what your goals are, struggles you have had in the past and ensure you have a safe environment to workout in. After that meeting Alex will meet with the training team and review your account. Your trainer will be selected on who is best suited to help you achieve your goals.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Edgewater Fitness Co. accepts cheques, e-money transfer and cash.

Do I need to sign a contract?

The simple answer is no. We want you to continue working with us because you are seeing results not because you are locked into a contract. We do encourage you to make a minimum 12 session commitment though.  The reason we encourage this time period is that it provides you enough time with your trainer to see results.

What can I expect during my first appointment?

1 on 1 Training: You and the trainer, with their full attention on you. Sessions are tailored to your needs and goals, do not hesitate to discuss what you are striving for with us. After all, that’s what our mission is: helping you get to that goal. Upon your first appointment, this is what you can expect:
  • Meet and greet, discuss your goals, and come to an agreement on how we will get there together;
  • We’ll execute a fitness assessment, in order to determine a baseline to start from. This will help us track your progress in a quantitative fashion;
  • Once the assessment is completed, we will build out a program that is tailored to you and your goals;
  • At Session 12, we will re-execute the fitness assessment to show you how much you have improved.
It’s important to know that improvement doesn’t happen overnight- It takes time. To see the the kind of progress possible we feel it takes 12 consecutive sessions.  You will be pleasantly surprised at your progress.

Do I need a home gym?

We get asked this question a lot. No you don’t need a home gym.  Edgewater Fitness Co. trainers are able to work with you using your own bodyweight or items commonly found around your home.  That being said if you do have a home gym we will make sure to put it to good use.

Why choose Edgewater Fitness Co.

Edgewater Fitness Co.  lives by one motto Professional. Convenient. Effective Training with Edgewater Fitness Co.  will allow you to workout on your schedule and in the comfort of your home or office.  We are focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and encouraging environment.

What if I call to cancel a session?

We ask that you provide 24hrs notice when cancelling a  training session. All sessions cancelations under 24hrs are subject to penalties.